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Pop Culture and Gamification

That's right. A coach that uses fun to help you reach your goals. This method places you as the hero of your story, with the coach acting as your guide. Draw inspiration from your favorite books, shows, games, and more. Plus, a Geek-based coach will help you turn your goals into a game. Why?

Because it works.

This method shifts mindsets into a more positive and holistic direction based on research in pop culture and game studies. Best of all, the method can be used long-term and for multiple challenges. 

Here's how it works

1)  Answer the Call: Decide to accept the challenge
2) Assemble Your Party: Get your best people onboard
3) Mindful Media: Find strength in the heroes you love
4) Adventuring: Do the thing
5) Celebration: Reward yourself, you earned it

Adventuring with a Guide

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