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Professional Career Coaching

  • Interview Practice

  • Resume Reviews

  • Professional Networking

This service is tailored toward emerging, pivoting, and established professionals. You and I will laser focus on you, your career, and your goals. The program is designed to be molded around your Teal Road journey. Together, we will Practice your interview skills, tighten up your resume, learn how to network, and manage your transition with confidence.

Purchase individual sessions for $150.

If you're curious how our visions can align, please schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

"I met with Sarah and she is awesome! Sarah was friendly, supportive, uplifting, and a great listener!


Before my first session, I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in academia or what my future career was going to be, and I had no idea how to network with people in my field. Fast forward about three sessions later and I now have my careers narrowed down to my top two choices and feel excited about networking at my next conference.


Sarah helped me to come up with a game plan uniquely suited to my situation. She also supported me through the journey as I reached out to people in my field, encouraged me to follow through on my goals and helped me to adjust my plan at each step of the way.


Sarah also gave me a crash course on networking. I’ve been told many times that networking is important, but until I met with Sarah, I honestly had no idea how to reach out to people or how to take advantage of any connections I might have. I am certainly in a much better place than I was before my first session. I found my experience to be insightful, informative, and game-changing.


If you are looking help with your career or with your personal or academic journey, Teal Legacies is great!"

-- Andrew, 2023

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